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CJ Williams


Bozeman, Montana


Adventure Time, Baseball, Music




July 27, 1985


Softball, Cooking, Photography, Code

About me

Hi! I am an experienced graphic designer/marketing nerd with exceptional knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as front-end development languages. My free time is spent learning new programming languages. I am head-over-heels in love with Sass and refining best practices. I'm primarily self-taught, and strive to continue learning. I also think teaching is an essential part of mastering a skill, so I regularly offer free-to-the-public workshops in Photoshop, InDesign, Wordpress, branding, and online marketing.

Outside of work, I spend my time playing softball, watching cartoons, fishing, and making music. I'm an easygoing guy with a good sense of humor, and am currently polishing my act for upcoming stand-up comedy open mic nights.

All I want is to have fun be around a smart team of people that pushes me to excell to the next level.

My Skills

Sass is my favorite thing since the internet. I am highly proficient in the entire Creative Suite and am up to date with all of the new features and applications in Creative Cloud. Other tools I frequently use include HTML5, CSS3, Sass, AngularJS, Foundation(5, 6, & Apps), WordPress, Acrobat, MS Office, email marketing, analytics tools(Google Analytics, HubSpot, Marketo, HotJar Insights), YouTube, CRM and PMS software(Basecamp, Podio), Prezi, and WooCommerce.







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Montana State University

Graphic Design & Photography

3+ Years

Aug 2003 - May 2012

College wasn't really my thing. While I was majoring in Music Technology, I took several classes in photography, film, and Spanish. I dropped out in 2006, bootlegged CS4 and began teaching myself graphic design. After Leaving MSU, I continued taking classes in Graphic Design through MSU's Extended University.

Treehouse Academy

Online Courses

2 Years

Mar 2013 - Present

I am currently taking courses in Web Development, Wordpress, App Development, Business, and Design. At this moment I am ranked 68th out of 240,557 students, all-time. Check out my Treehouse profile

Work Experience


Graphic Design/Marketing

2+ Years

August 2012 - Present

Print Design, Web Design, Digital Media, Video Editing, Tradeshow Booth Design, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Google Analytics, Expression Engine



8 years

Jan 2007 - Present

Branding, Logo Design, Print Design, Web Design, Market Research, Marketing Strategy, SEO Best Practices, Social Media Marketing

The Bay Bar and Grille


4 years

Oct 2006 - Sept 2010

As a chef at the Bay Bar and Grille (4 yrs.), I created menu items and daily specials. I worked at every station in the kitchen, for both opening and closing shifts. As a bartender (1 yr.), I mixed drinks for all sections of the restaurant, while focusing on and interacting with the clientele at my bar. As a server (2 yrs.), I was responsible for remembering and placing customers' food and drink orders. On occasion I had to prepare desserts and salads, and help stations that were 'in the weeds'.

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Client Testimonials


Here is some recent work I've done.

I've been really busy with things, so I haven't had much time to snazz the images up too much.

Portfolio 2
Element Tattoo - Logo

More hand lettering for the redesign of this logo. Fun stuff. I also did their website.
Check it Out

Portfolio 1
Silence - Hand Lettering

Calligraphy & graffiti inspired me to become a designer. This pays homage to both.See Older Work

Portfolio 3
Bacterin Brochures

I have redesigned all ofthe Bacterin brochure three times now. Yaaargh!
Take a Look

Portfolio 4
NES Controller made w/ Sass

This uses Sass and light jQuery to make an interactive NES controller. Big plans for this one.
Look at the Code

Portfolio 5
Smarter Swatches w/ Sass

This is a cool project that makes creating style guides easy-peezy. Look at the Code

Portfolio 6
Sass List-Maps

Some really cool functions to output NFL teams' colors using Sass functions. Look at the Code

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